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About OSC

OSC is the Open Source Club at the University of Florida. We are a community of makers, who want to solve problems and improve our world using open source projects.

The OSC is first and foremost, about working on open source projects. Student choose what they want to work on, whether it be a totally new idea, or an existing project. Our meetings create a constructive atmosphere to help students collaborate in teams to grow their knowledge and skills!

We also preform technical talks on various open source topics. Anything from Linux to Typescript. Students are encouraged to submit ideas or even volunteer to give a talk.

Collaborating with other clubs is another one of our goals. We love to work with others on presentations, events, or projects! If you are interested in working together email


We have a couple types of meetings. Check our Facebook for times and locations.

  1. Casual Coding Sessions are laid back meetings. You can work on projects, homework, or just hang out! They happen twice weekly. It's a great time to find people with similar interest and create something cool.
  2. General Body Meetings (GBMs) open up with a brief round of project updates. Following that, there is a tech talk on an open source technology. This is great for anyone to come in and learn. They happen every other week.
  3. Code Jams are a once a month workshop and hack sessions. Spend the morning of Saturday learning about an open source technology then in the afternoon work on existing open source projects or start you own!


Getting Started

After noticing a lack of general project focused clubs on campus, Matthew Booe (President) brought together Nick Cioli (Vice President) and Nick Barnes (Treasure) and their enthusiasm for open source to create the club at the start of Spring 2016. They found Professor Ira Hill to become their faculty adviser. It gathered enough sign-ups to become an official student government organization. During the first year of operation, there were about five active members. The focus was primarily on teaching Git/Web Design and working on the club website and other basic projects. In the middle of Fall 2016, the OSC became a Special Interest Group of the UF ACM chapter. The goal of this was to improve relations with the computer science community and find a source of funding.

Growing Up

There were two problems that became apparent over the previous year: 1. There wasn't a lot of time to work on projects 2. Administrative duties make it really hard to work on other things. As a result, in the Spring of 2017 Casual Coding Sessions were introduced as two regular weekly meetings and more officer positions were added. This brought on Anthony Rossello (Secretary), Greg Fussell (External Relations Chair), Will Owens (Social Chair), and Vaibhav Yenamandra (Project Lead). This helped grow the active members to be above ten people and work on the course planner. The end of Spring elections resulted in news officers Joe Komskis (External Relations Chair) and Josh Hew (Secretary). A representative from Mozilla also reached out to learn more about the club. Over the Summer of 2017 Matthew and Josh worked with Mozilla and eighteen other students to help put together the Mozilla Open Source Student Network.

Staying Strong

Through Fall of 2018 the Open Source Club has kept a simmilar format, while experimenting with a new type of meetings called Code Jams. The goal was to provide a longer workshop where students could come to learn about a topic before jumping into projects that deal with that. Total club membership was around fifteen active members, with another ten or so coming around occasionally. New projects included Marston vs West, Gator Questions, a revamped club website and backend, and Discord bots.

To be continued...