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Club Website

The thing your on right now!

The website is built from scratch, using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to be a one-stop-shop for information about the Open Source Club. It's provides information about what the club is, the projects we work on, and upcoming events.

Marston vs West

A platform fighter utilizing the Phaser JavaScript library

A simple street fighter/smash bros esque video game project about the ongoing debate for best library. This project is made using JavaScript and the Phaser framework.


Open source teacher/professor interaction software

Teacher/student interaction software designed to provide an open source alternative to existing solutions like Top Hat. It is being built with Ruby on Rails.


A simple UF themed Multi-User Dungeon

Multi-user dungeons, or "MUDs" are text-based role-playing games, that naturally evolved from the text-based rpg and adventure games of the 1970s. This project aims to introduce a new generation—one that never experienced a world without broadband internet—to this classic game genre. While this code can be adapted for any setting, we intend to render our university in beautiful ASCII.

ALBot and ALBotA

Discord bots written in Python

A python3 Discord bot used to run the Open Source Club's Discord server. The bot is using the rewrite.

Club Backend

A RESTful API for club information (events, projects, sign-ins, etc)

A RESTful API for club information (events, projects, sign-ins, etc) that is used for the club website, bots, and any future projects related to administration. Built using Rust, Rocket, PostgreSQL, and Diesel.

Club Admin Portal

Web app for accessing and modifying club data

Web app for accessing and modifying club data stored in the club backend. Built using Vue and TypeScript.